I’m Raziye, a UX/UI Designer equipped with coding skills.
My design philosophy revolves around developing products that meet users’ needs.
As the saying goes, ‘People ignore design that ignores people!’

Discover some the Projects I've Crafted

Explore how I improved Fair Trading’s user experience, streamlining information access and reducing customer calls.

Designing the UI of the Andriod mobile app, with help of mood boards, user flows, component library, wireframes, and hi-fidelity clickable prototype in Figma.

Client project focusing on finding out useful type and form of content for EV match website, as well as design a matching tool which helps users to find their ideal car.

Project addressing the challenge “How might we guide and provide for environmentally conscious people trying a new activity?”

Designing a mobile app that helps users organize their closets and assists with finding what to wear