Style Me



Style me is a mobile app that helps you organize your closet and assists with finding what to wear.

My role

I completed this project during the immersive UX course at General Assembly in one week. Due to the tight deadline, I focused on design and designed for a proto-persona.


I Have Noting to wear!

Initial Assumptions

We’ve all been there. One second you’re in front of your closet and the next you’re surrounded by a sea of clothing. Clearly, the problem isn’t that we have nothing to wear—it’s often that we don’t know what we have and end up wearing the same five outfits on repeat.

MEET Nancy!

She is a shopaholic, yet ...



Designing a mobile app that generates clothing combinations based on her wardrobe

User simply add in the items by taking a picture (or uploading) and answering a few questions about them. This information will be used to help them choose the appropriate clothes.

After completing the entry of clothing items, it’s time for the app to make suggestions about what to wear.
Suggestions are made automatically and the user can refine the results using the filters available on the top.

I started with quick sketches using pen and paper!


Adding an item in the closet​


Suggestion made by app

Concept Testing With 5 Users Revealed The Following Insights.

Items need to be Categorized to have a logical organization of an actual closet.​

It's hard to find a specific outfit as there are numerous combinations

“If I only have 10 tops, 5 pants, and 5 shoes, It generates 250 combinations for me. I don’t like to scroll to find a specific one.”

The search issue is resolved by adding useful filters.

Items can be filtered by Colour, Season, Type, and Occasion.

Not all the generated options match her personal taste, but some others are amazing to her, hence, the delete and favorite options.

Nancy now has somethings to wear!

Nancy now can easily find what to wear as she is able to choose from the suggestions at her fingertips, favourite combinations, and an organized yet accessible closet.


Users should be the center of any design’s idea.
For this solo project due to the tight deadline, I designed for a proto-persona and discovers how important it is to design based on real users’ needs. However, I ran the concept testing to improve the user experience.

Next Step

  • The Tips section includes styling tips and provides informative articles.
  • App to make suggestions based on the latest trends considering the available clothing options in the wardrobe.