EV match

EV match

Project Brief 

  • Design a matching tool with a good user experience
  • Research to find what type of content people preferred and in which form

My Role

  • User research
  • Synthesis data
  • Creating personas
  • Creating journey map
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testing.


  • Figma
  • Miro

About the Ev match website

Ev match is a new platform for the electric vehicle which consists Knowledge hub and marketplace.
At the moment the focus is on a knowledge hub to establish brand presence and drive traffic to the website, later on, based on that traffic they’ll have a marketplace as well.

What’s the point of spending a few $100,000 building out a technology platform for a marketplace, if you don’t have a customer base?

CEO of EV match website

But, what does the knowledge hub consists of?

The knowledge hub is a combination of content and tool such as cost efficiency calculator  (which calculate the cost of having EV), Compare electric car (which is comparing different EVs together) and a matching tool ( which help user finds the best match for their lifestyle)

10 interviews and 52 survey responses revealed the following findings.

The majority of people would want to buy an EV

We found out 46% are sure to buy an EV whereas 45% are still hesitant to buy an EV.

Reason for not buying an EV

People believe Evs are expensive, they have the fear that the electric car won’t be able to reach their destination and they are still in the early stage.

Reason for not EV

Reason for buying an EV

On the other hand, being environment friendly and technology are the reasons that people want to have EVs.

Reason for buy EV

At this point, we roughly knew the topics people are interesting in, however, we specifically asked this question:

What do people want to see more of on the website?

People are fascinated by advancement of technology

We found that people are most interested in the advancement of technology in EVs, the cost of having an EVs and then the battery.

The next question was in which form?

Reviews, and articles and then videos are most preferred way to receive information.

In which form?

Our research concluded these potential users

They have their own pain points which gives EVmatch opportunities to help them.

  • Providing the latest news about EVs in form of videos and summarised article
  • Providing information about why EVs are better
  • Calculate and compare the total cost of ownership between EVs and petrol car
  • Providing a matching tool that helps Edward to find the best car
  • Providing a comparison tool to compare EVs together
  • Providing detailed articles with credible statistics
  • Providing a platform to connect with other EV owners
  • Providing the latest news and events about EVs

Journey Of Buying first electric car

When we look into the journey of buying an electric car, our personas represent people in different stages.

Since the purpose of the matching tool is to provide service for people who want to buy an electric car, we focused on the YES to EV persona!

Designing a matching tool for Edward started with Competitor analysis

We looked into our competitors for matching tools and among them, findmyev was the most usable so we did a usability test with 10 users to find out people’s frustration from which we can use those insights to design and improve our own.

Doing A/B testing with 3 different design to choose one with best user experience

Design #1

What’s the difference between quick search and advanced search?

In quick match, I need to click one by one.

Design #2

Seems like a form, boring one.

There isn’t much EVs out there so if I choose brand I can’t see what else is available.

Design #3

I like the way it  shows me step by step process as it is more digestible. And less intimidating.

Questions need to be asked one by one as it is more digestible. So we continued with the third design!

80% of users prefer progress bar on the left hand side!

Progress bar on the top make me confused.

“Progress bar on the side is cleaner and easy to edit.”

Sliders give me hard time to come up with exact kilometre I drive!

The solution we come up is providing them set options as it is easier to choose from.

Now Edward can easily find a car that is suitable for his lifestyle!

Next step for EVmatch website

  • Providing Calculating tool and Comparison tool.
  • Provide content about electric vehicles based on our research that are interesting to people

Client feedback

Lucky to have collaborated with Raziye and her team!

As a fledgling startup looking to build a world-class product (but cash-constrained) the stars aligned for us with the opportunity to collaborate with Raziye and her team (General Assembly UX/UI design students).

I really enjoyed working with Raziye and the team. She was able to quickly understand our mission, the product we were looking to develop and the niche we were operating in. They were tasked to help us understand our target market better and DESIGN a class-leading digital tool which will underpin the core service offering of EVmatch – think ‘Tinder’ for drivers and cars!

I was very, very impressed with the process across research, user testing and the final design for the EVmatch tool. It is clear the team did not leave any stone unturned to understand our customers, and optimise the user experience and a design that reflected our brand. We will most definitely be implementing many of the findings and the design into our final product design.

I would highly recommend Raziye to be a part of any project which requires a best-in-class User Experience.

Danny Thai
CEO of EvMatch